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In the Junior School, clubs are offered on an informal basis during recess time, after lunch or during the sports period. Clubs that are offered may vary from term to term, and from one year to the next, as they are based on the interests of both students and faculty members. Clubs could include activities such as chess, crafts, cooking, video-making, photography, astronomy, computer games, and knitting.

In Middle and Senior School, some clubs are considered to be part of the Co-curricular Program, while others meet on a more informal basis.

Club Opportunities

Recreational Activities

Our non-competitive activities such as debate, theater, the arts, and recreational sports, focus on exposing students to new ideas, activities, and interests, while they develop self-awareness, self-confidence, and make new friends. With the guidance of our Global Leadership Program, our club leaders help enhance student learning by using a variety of resources and ideas often fostered by the students themselves.

These activities take part in three different terms: Fall, Winter and Spring. At the beginning of each term, students have the opportunity to switch their co-curricular activity.

Options may include:

  • Theatre Club
  • Rock Climbing
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Debate
  • Equestrian
  • Pacing Pumas Walk/Run Club
  • Fitness
  • Radio Club
  • Fine Arts and Crafts
  • Yoga and Wellness
  • Skating
  • Shinny Hockey
  • Games Club
  • Animation
  • Tennis
  • Design and Build
  • Chess

The Polikon Society - Pickering College's Debate Team

Students on PC’s Debate Team prime themselves to give informed speeches on political issues we face in today’s society. The major difference between the Polikon Society of today and that of 40 years ago is that the current team has gained Pickering College a full-fledged membership in the CIS Fulford Debate League. Pickering College competes at local, national and international public speaking and debate competitions throughout the school year, including:

SCS Impromptu Debating Tournament
Toronto, ON

Fall Fulford Debate
Toronto, ON

Independent Schools' Public Speaking Competition
Vancouver, BC

University of Toronto School (UTS) Junior Debate and Public Speaking Tournament
Toronto, ON

Winter Fulford Debate
Toronto, ON

Kaufman Cup
Toronto, ON

Ontario Student Debating Union Junior Provincial Championship
Toronto, ON

Queen's National High School Debating Championships
Kingston, ON

Spring Fulford Debate
Toronto, ON

World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship
Sydney, Australia

Junior High Speech Nationals
Vancouver, BC