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Health & Wellness

Health Services, located in New House, provides medical assistance to students in need throughout the school day and in the evenings to boarding students. Parents are asked to check their child’s health each morning and not to send their child(ren) to school with any illness symptoms.

In addition to assistance provided to students who become ill while at school, Health Services provide:

  • Immunizations: Boarding students who require immunizations while at Pickering College can have these administered at the school
  • Flu shots: Each fall, students may receive their flu shot here
  • Sports Injury Assistance: A nurse or athletic therapist is on call for all sporting events held on campus
  • Psychological services: Psychological counselling services are available on campus

Wellness Blog

Child and Youth Specialist Smiling

Students frequently face a great deal of stress during this time of the year. Stress and anxiety may arise from the competitiveness of taking challenging courses, studying for college placement tests, and making important and life-changing plans for their future. Our Child and Youth Specialist Ms. Sugar, provides tips on how both students and staff can manage year-end stress. 

Setting short and long-term goals in a COVID-19 world

How can we best assist our students to set realistic short and long-term goals as we now move into the spring block of the school year? Our school social worker Ms. Sugar, provides tips on how you can set both short and long-term goals for yourself during the pandemic. 

Important things we should all know about student burnout

Burnout is a state of mental, physical or emotional exhaustion. It is so important for teachers and parents to be on the look out for signs of student burnout so that the situation is addressed at the earliest opportunity. Our school social worker discusses some of the most common warning signs of student burnout.