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Student Leadership

Pickering College students enjoy a number of opportunities to become involved in leadership through formal leadership positions which enable them to become involved in the life of their school and to create a cohesive, respectful community where all students thrive.

Student Committee

The aim and purpose of the Student Committee is to establish an environment that will facilitate the moral development of the student body through intellectual, social, and spiritual involvement; to maintain an atmosphere in which free and open debate is encouraged; and to exercise an awareness of the community and the effects of the students' actions on society and the environment. In general, the Student Committee is encouraged to oversee social activities, school spirit and community engagement. In addition to the Executive, there are a number of subcommittees including: Social, Community Service, Public Relations, House, and Grade Committees.

Boarding Life Committee 

Proctors on the Boarding Life Committee represent PC students to school management, enhance PC community, and build community spirit - in particular, represent interests of boarding students.

Boarding Life Proctors

Proctors are student leaders appointed to assist with the execution of the Boarding Program. Some of their responsibilities include maintaining good order in the residences and acting as an important role model for younger students. Proctors provide younger students and new students with support and guidance. They also work with their Family Head to plan family events and activities. Proctors meet with the Director of Boarding Life and Health Services regularly to discuss residence issues and to make recommendations regarding all aspects of boarding life.

Boarding Life Councils

Within boarding there are three councils chaired by Proctors. These are the B. Athletic Council, B. Social Council and B. Cultural Council. These councils work to support the Boarding Program by planning and implementing many unique activities. B. Athletic organizes and runs competitions that involve the families as well as the boarding games in the fall, winter, and spring. The B. Social Council organizes many of the fun social events throughout the year including movie nights, ice cream sundae parties, outdoor picnics, etc. And B. Cultural plans various cultural activities and experiences throughout the year that are shared with the entire school community including United Nations Day, Lunar New Year Celebration, Day of the Dead, Multicultural Dinner, etc. All these councils work to support and build the entire boarding community experience.

Youth Action Organization (YAO)

Members of YAO - a student-driven club – work together to raise student awareness about important social justice issues through campaigns such as Thanksgiving Food Drive and Youth Mental Health.

Arts Council

The Arts Council was founded as a student initiative with the following purpose: to promote the continued development and profile of the arts at Pickering and in the community; to raise funds to support arts programs at Pickering; to provide an opportunity for student participation in the administration of the arts at Pickering; and to undertake special projects and events to benefit school spirit at Pickering.

Co-curricular Council

The Co-curricular Council works closely with the Student Committee to foster strong school spirit and a sense of community. The Council runs events and activities such as co-curricular fairs, athletic award ceremonies, and Sports Day. To assist communication between the Student Committee and the Co-curricular Council, the Co-curricular Council chairperson sits on the Student Committee.


Student ambassadors are volunteers who assist the Admission Office with events such as Open Houses, Spend-a-Half Day. These students help by touring potential students and their parents/guardians around the school.


A Steward is a voluntary leader in the school. It is a position that develops skills in leading others. Generally, a Steward is a student who volunteers to assist with some area of school life that does not hold a formal leadership position. This position is chosen and formally recognized at the end of the school year.

Green Team

The Green Team is devoted to promoting environmental awareness and improving Pickering College’s environmental standards. The mission of the Green Team is to educate and encourage both students and staff to take action to improve their community. The Green Team also works in conjunction with other schools to educate and improve conservation. The Green Team leads Earth Week and runs action campaigns such as Earth Hour, Mug Champs, light bulb recycling, while encouraging the use of environmentally friendly and fairly traded products.